CPPCA - Probation Parole Corrections


Justitia Cum Clementia Praestantia Servitiumque can be translated as ...Justice and Equity Put Forth With Devotion

The Mission of the California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association is to:

  • Promote the professionalism or corrections practitioners
  • Support research relevant to corrections
  • Advocated positions on corrections issues to law makers and policy makers
  • Educate the public on issues vital to corrections
  • Promote collaborative efforts with related agencies
  • Provide a supportive network for its members

CPPCA Code of Ethics

  • In recognition of the profound responsibilities inherent in a profession dedicated to the adjustment of social relationships, I acknowledge these to be my guiding precepts;
    • SERVE with humility
    • ACT without prejudice
    • UPHOLD the Law with dignity
    • BE OBJECTIVE in the performance of my duties
    • RESPECT the inalienable rights of all persons
    • HOLD inviolate those confidences reposed in me
    • COOPERATE with fellow workers and related agencies
    • BE AWARE of my responsibilities to the individual and to the community
    • IMPROVE my professional standards through continuously seeking knowledge and understanding

I accept these principles as my code of ethics and shall build my professional life upon them,

Code of ethics adopted by the CPPCA June 7, 1946