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Nominations 2022

CPPCA is currently seeking qualified candidates  to serve on the Board of Directors in 2023.  Applicants must be a member in good standing.  

Nominations will be held in January 2022 and elections will take place in May 2022.  Elected officers will be sworn in on Friday, September 9th at the Annual Training Conference and those new officers will take office on January 1, 2023.  

To review duties of each office, please review the CPPCA Constitution, page 3, section 3 - page 5 - CPPCA Constitution 

Commitment is for 1 year (except 2nd Vice President- 4yr commitment).  Meetings are typically via Microsoft Teams or in person.  

CPPCA Board Nomination Form
How did you hear about us?
What board positions are you interested in?

Thank you for the nomination!

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