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Your Professional
Community Since 1917

In 1913 members of California Corrections and Probation met to discuss the need to associate for the purpose of being identified as professionals. Formal organization took place in 1917. 

The California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association was founded in 1917 to advance correctional practices through public education and information, legislative advocacy, research, standards development and professional development.

It is one of the nation's oldest and largest state professional associations for corrections and provides California with dynamic and innovative leadership in corrections.

CPPCA is a vital voice in California corrections, with a membership composed of line staff, supervisors, managers, support staff and administrators from probation, parole and correctional agencies across the state as well as judges, attorneys, social workers, political figures, teachers, students and volunteers, among others. 

CPPCA is the only correctional organization in the state which represents the interest of adult and juvenile, state and local, field and institutional correctional personnel and those other citizens interested in the professionalism of corrections.


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